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What is Aka Naksha?

Aka Naksha comes from India

In Bengali Aka Naksha means:

​Aka - to visualize and draw

Naksha - to design and create

Aka Naksha Journals take you on a guided mindful journey to help you find yourself.

It is a tool that allows you to disconnect from technology and connect with pen and paper.  

There are different journals for different purposes as well as planners.

Each journal is conveniently 8.5"x 5.5" and has lots of blank space to express yourself.


The Aka Naksha Journal Series

Aka Naksha Wellness Journal

Discover Yourself

 164 page hand drawn book. Spiral bound notebook.

Right side page is blank so you can doodle and write and draw to capture your own thoughts.

Left side of the page has guided ideas for you to contemplate.

Aka Naksha Yoga Journal_cover.jpg


170 pages of  yoga values.   Spiral bound notebook.

Fundamentals on yoga ideals

Philosophy and understanding of how yoga benefits the mind, body and soul as well as helping you connect with yourself.

weekly planner 2020 cover2.jpg

Get Organized

180 page weekly planner

12 month weekly calendars 

Spiral bound book​

Each month starts with a theme. 

Has pages to keep track of moods and  activities

Includes  weekly quotes 


Get Organized

180 page academic planner

12 month weekly calendar 

Spiral bound book​

Each month starts with a theme. 

Has pages to keep track of homework and  activities

Includes  weekly quotes 


Find Success

 132 page hand drawn book. Spiral bound notebook.

30 different skills covered from emerging to evident to enhancing. Information, exercises and tools provided.  Take notes and draw in your own ideas.



Want to learn how to journal? 

Need some creative pointers? 

Learn some new techniques for art mediums?

Want to add to your meditation practice?

Need to be more mindful

After School Class,  Workshop or   Lunch & Learn

1 hour session: $40/person

Includes book, overview, self reflection and meditation techniques.

Instructor would come to you to provide training to a group.

Minimum: 5 people

Coffee Shop
Meet up

Materials: $25 

Includes book, pen

Session: $10 

Includes 1 hour session, coffee

Location: TBD

Weekly meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss the book, ideas and techniques


Aka Naksha Journal & Meditation Classes

Class Fee: $100 (4 weekly classes)

Location: TBD

Date: TBD

Time: 1-2:15pm

Includes book, pen, opportunity to discuss the book, ideas, questions journal techniques and practicing meditation.

Looking for inspiration, need some "me-time" or just in a funk?

The Aka Naksha Blog explores different aspects of life, connecting, mindfulness.

Get tips and ideas on how to make your journal yours.



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