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Adult Students
After School Class,  Workshop or   Lunch & Learn

1 hour session: $40/person

Includes book, overview, self reflection and meditation techniques.

Instructor would come to you to provide training to a group.

Minimum: 5 people

Coffee Shop
Meet up

Materials: $25 

Includes book, pen

Session: $10 

Includes 1 hour session, coffee

Location: TBD

Weekly meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss the book, ideas and techniques


Yoga Pose
Aka Naksha Journal & Meditation Classes

Class Fee: $100 (4 weekly classes)

Location: TBD

Date: TBD

Time: 1-2:15pm

Includes book, pen, opportunity to discuss the book, ideas, questions journal techniques and practicing meditation.

Let yourself start writing the next chapter in life

Aka Naksha - Online - Free - TBD

Join us for a free  webinar on May 27  to learn more about connecting through journaling.

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