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Is the pen mightier than the stylus?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Do you live and die by your phone reminders, calendar and the Cloud? Do you miss drawing, doodling or miss the way a pen feels when you drag it across a piece of paper?

Do you want your students to be more organized, but can't get them to remember what they are supposed to do? Why not use a good old fashioned paper weekly organizer, with a twist? This planner has monthly themes that encourage your students to find the best version of themselves as well as trackers, interesting quotes and lots of space to express, reflect and find yourself.

Looking to have your kids be more motivated, organized and accountable for the new school year?

The Aka Naksha Weekly Academic Planner is an amazing tool that will encourage your students to stay on track while having valuable resources to implement new techniques each month.

What's Inside:

This unique planner allows you to

reflect, focus on goals, try new things, manage stress and use mindfulness techniques to become an even better version of yourself.

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