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The Aka Naksha

Weekly Academic Planner


How Does it Work?

With all the technology in today’s world, and kids constantly being distracted by what they see on their screens, sometimes, simple pen and paper would be more efficient and effective.  Connecting pen to paper makes it personal and therapeutic to express yourself through writing, doodling, and drawing.

Planners provide    a method to keep students organized, teachers accountable and parents informed about homework and upcoming events.  Nothing replaces email and phones but planners are another tool for staying on top of things.

What's Inside

Explore, Create and    Connect with   Quotes and    Inspiration!

This is an unique 180  page academic weekly planner.

Includes a 12 month calendar from August – July.

It comes in a handy digest size (8.5" x 5.5").

Larger letter size  (8.5" x 11") available upon request.


Each week is laid out between two  pages to keep track of
homework, events    and   activities.

Monthly Themes

Each month starts with a theme to motivate and help students create new ways to connect with themselves. 

There  are guided ideas, tools and resources  to  give students a different outlook or options  to try new things.


Each week includes  weekly quotes.

There is space to add your own quotes, thoughts, feelings, doodles and reminders.


You can track your mood, sleep or even what you are watching on Netflix.



Get Artsy!

There are  prompts,  graphics and patterns throughout  the planner  for you to try  out your creative side. Whether it's lettering, doodling, drawing or designing, this is a great opportunity to play around.

Use colour codes, legends, or stickers to represent what's going on  in your life!



  1. August:                Goal Setting

  2. September:        Communication/Classroom Rules

  3. October:              Stress/Motivation

  4. November:         Healthy Habits

  5. December:         Unwind/Relax

  6. January:               Resolutions

  7. February:            Love/Confidence

  8. March:                  New Beginnings

  9. April:                     Time Management

  10. May:                      Social Life

  11. June:                     Habits

  12. July:                       Life changing moments



At the end of each month, there is an opportunity to reflect and review the  month.

There are question prompts, which you may choose to answer or just do your own thing.

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