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The Aka Naksha

Life Skills Organizer


How Does it Work?

Become a more productive version of yourself by learning life skill techniques to make yourself more successful.

Organizers have 30 different Life Skills that are explained and have exercises or tools to practice and apply to your everyday life.

Topics  move through emerging to evident to enhancing skills building on topics to make people more successful at what they do.


What's Inside

Explore, Create and    Connect with   Quotes and    Inspiration!

This organizer has 30 different topics  that help with your mental, physical and social abilities to enhance your success in life.

It comes in a handy digest size (8.5" x 5.5").

Each topic includes explanations, exampls and tools.


Life Skills Topics

The 30 topics  are broken down into  three groups:

  • Emerging Skills

  • Evident Skills

  • Enhancing Skills

The topics build on each  other so as work your way through the book, you learn how to become more functional.



The topics go into detail about how each one can be applied. There are definitions, different approaches and explanations of when each skill can be used. 


There are also insightful   quotes  that connect with the skills to make you think about  how to apply these skills.



What Works?

Find ways to apply these skills. Not everything works the same way for everyone.


One technique can also be applied in different ways, so the more you learn about you, the more you can use these skills to help you.



Topics are  explained, using definitions and examples. Different viewpoints are given and skills are explained so that kids and adults can understand them.

There is room to  go through exercises in the book and practice what you have learned.



Each topic  has room for exercises and an opportunity to apply the skill to your current situation.

These  "tools" allow you to reflect and question what is working in your life and what you might change to find more successful ways to perform.

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