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  • Aka Naksha

Mind, Body & Self

In the complex world we live in with constant stimuli, expectations, pressure and confusion, it is easy to get lost and lose focus. If we can take a moment to step back and understand time balance, we can refocus on ourselves. This applies to kids and adults alike.

With our lives being “too busy” and cluttered, it’s important to reassess where the clutter is coming from, what to get rid of and how to perform better.

This speaker series focuses on three main areas in every individual’s life

Mind: How to increase concentration, use productive stimulation, increase wisdom, intelligence, memory

Body: Understand what makes our bodies work, from the basics (sleep, food, activity) to self-care, challenges, pushing our limits

Self: Understanding that anxiety, stress, depression and negativity are a real part of our lives and need to be addressed so we can manage

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