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Find Your Inner Ashram

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

What is an Ashram? Traditionally people connect it to an isolated monastery on some hillside in Rishikesh where monks live, pray and do yoga. Ashram itself means "to toil", to perform extremely hard work. Every person is on a journey, a path and your inner Ashram can help you find the next step in your journey of life.

Not everyone can get away to a remote location and find perfect peace and harmony. Not everyone can dedicate days, weeks or months to a practice of yoga, meditation or spiritual awareness. What people can do is find their Inner Ashram, to help reconnect with themselves. Whether its your local yoga studio, repeating your favourite mantras in the car or even meditating for a few minutes before starting your day; finding ways to for self care are important steps in your journey.

On that note, don't forget another great way to find your Inner Ashram is to journal. The Aka Naksha Wellness or Yoga Journal allows you to connect and express yourself through art and words.

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