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  • Aka Naksha

Accept the Flaw...and do YOU!

Family, friends, flings, co-workers, siblings, kids, teachers, parents, in-laws, bosses...we are surrounded by people all the time. Some are kind, caring and understanding. Others enjoy making our lives miserable.

Sometimes we are put in bad situations. Sometimes we create them because of the way we handle people, other times, difficult people are in our lives and we don't have a choice.

You control your own happiness. You can find what makes you happy and be true to yourself. If you make a decision about your life and can live with the consequences of your actions, that is finding your happy. It is impossible to make everyone happy, all of the time.

Remember, there are two sides to every situation. The way you see things is not the way everyone else will. Doesn't make you wrong, you shouldn't feel guilty about the decisions you make. It is just different. Nobody is perfect. Just as you accept and love people, flaws and all, they should do the same.

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